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When the Rose Bloom

| May 31, 2010

Present interest is only a single, yet it is very happy heart that Dian has been waiting for her presence.

Tree roses has flowered, the high was not able to compete with other flower trees Dian home. As interest rates and savings banks chrysolite Dian though. However, the rose tree is a charm that makes it beautiful yard that was increasingly felt cool, at least for the Dian who simply prefer different types of flowers.

He's already quite old, more than a year since the first time in the cuttings from the parent tree. But only this time in planting trees in pots measuring 30 X 30 cm was only present existence. The existence of a tree after he acknowledged interest rates result in beautiful, especially when the flowers bloom from buds.

Fresh red color looks in the race with dew drops, morning.

Present interest is only a single, but it was very happy heart that Dian has been waiting for her presence.

"Mama, the flowers are blooming!!" Dian with joy to report that the conditions of his favorite tree at his mama.

"What is true love? Since when does? "She looked happy for happiness in the implicit welcoming of his only daughter's.

"I do not know Ma, Dian's just returned from camping! This week was Dian new control .. Mama Loh's this for an existing home, how Mama do not know about?! "

Dian bury the disappointment at the attitude which impressed his mama would not care that her favorite flower growth.

"Dear Mama! Mama did not have time "

"But, the Mama's got no time for a while to control it?! Do-do, the flowers watered Dian never again? "

"Sprinkled with love! The Mbo tuh that Mama told to water it every morning. "Mama's little defense and tried to convince her daughter that.

"Loh kok even the Mbo ngerawat the hell?" Dian still have not received the reasons expressed his mama, and the coincidence of the Mbo their maid was not there at home that morning.

"So what? The Mbo'm not a stranger in the house for us! "

"Yeah, but The Mbo that it did not know the history of interest, Ma! Or perhaps Mom've forgotten it again with the origin of historical interest?! "Drops of tears streaming down her cheeks a soft, Dian tears, memories and the past segurat terberkas in the inner chamber.

Present interest is only a single, but it was very happy heart that Dian has been waiting for her presence.

That afternoon, the atmosphere was quiet, lonely house, Mama was following a visit to the interior of East Java with the troupe at the office where she worked. Meanwhile, Papa this month he had not come home. As a soldier, Dad can not always refuse to be assigned to conflict areas. Aceh exactly He is currently located, where there was an uprising sparatis from GAM (Free Aceh Movement), which was much needed layer of soldiers and police to the terjunkan.

"Do not daydream anyway lad! Kok young daydream a lot. "

The voice of Dian mementalkan pensive solitude on the terrace beside the house.

"Hey, Grandpa! Just who is Grandpa? Why would not say anything here, anyway?! "Sapa Dian kissing his hand that was wrinkled.

"So if you want to snicker peek first grandson had to make an announcement like that?" Grandpa asked.

"Not so, if Dian knew his grandfather would come here, Dian will get ready first." Dian guides grandfather into the house.

"And if you knew my grandfather would come here, really want nyiapin what?"

"Yes, Dian could not cook or make something?"

"Wow, this grandfather's grandson has been able to cook anyway?"

"Iya dong!" Reply Dian proud.

"Silence once on where it?"

Sopa grandfather sitting quietly in the house, and Dian politely served a cup of hot tea without sugar grandfather's favorite.

"Papa longer tasks into Aceh and Mama again there was a visit to eastern Java, Grandpa!"

"Oh, so Dian own dong here?! Not afraid of? "

"No dong, Dian's already big, and besides, my friends often nginep here every night. Even my mom had to go home tomorrow anyway. "

"Yes, if still in the accompany means still afraid, then?"

"Emm ...."

Dian overwhelmed, she was in a position awry, his grandfather was very agile, despite its age is increasingly aging, even 20 years older than the age independence of this country.

"Nginep Grandpa was here!" Pinta Dian hope.

"No way honey! Grandpa had to go home soon, her grandfather had to lead the recitation in the village mosque. "

"Ah ... grandfather!"

"Later, sometime if possible and certainly no time nginep grandfather.

"Yes already if so, be careful aja ya Grandpa! Er, yes grandfathers return up what? Dian call a cab once ya! "

"Do not make it, later in his car at the terminal markets, now grandfathers would outlets always, there are grandparents want to buy."

"To the market?"

"On foot only."

"Grandfather, the market is not quite far from here. What's grandfather is still strong? "

"The kids now! The grandfather of the young are often on foot, and walking is healthy. Yes, not the same as today's kids are too spoiled, a little-bit drivers have delivered, a little get picked up, a short distance and still have to use the vehicle. "

"Iya deh great grandfather!"

"Iya dong!"

Grandpa hurried toward the exit.

"Oh yes, grandpa had tuh Keep rose bushes there, well you take care of ya!"

Grandpa pointed toward the front porch, where there was a small rose bushes that are still complete with a pot made of clay.

"Oh ... thank you very kek!"

"Rawat is good yes!" Message grandfather.

"Where did that tree kek!"

"Grandfather could cuttings from the parent tree that grew beside the tomb of your grandmother."

"Grandma!" Dian was sad to remember her grandmother who has long gone.

"Yes, grandpa know you really miss my grandmother, the grandfather's take cuttings of trees from a tree in my grandmother's grave here!"

"Maybe this is also giving ya grandma, grandpa?"

"Yes, maybe! Fine, fine roses watch ya! Do not forget to flush each morning, not to die! "

"Yes kek! Dian will be treated well. "

"When Dian was not able to care for, help you again just as Grandpa, Grandpa would let me keep it later!"

Grandpa passed away leaving Dian directly reach the rose tree and then store it in a more secure and comfortable.

Present interest is only a single, but it was very happy heart Dian has been waiting for her presence.

"Dian grandfather you hit by a car!" Voice Dance Dian friend from behind calls to give the news.

"What? Yang Bener Tar ye? "

"Yeah, now grandfathers in the hospital near the market, you come here quick!"

"Oh my God ..."

"Dian, you okay? Yes here quickly! "

"Yes .. yes .. I get there! "With a very, very nervous, Dian immediately headed to the hospital where her grandfather was treated.


"He's dead, which bravely yes!" Dr. Dian guards welcomed the rush.

"No, this is not possible ... Grandpa!"

Dian looked frantically leaning over her grandfather's body lying stiff on the inpatient, she open the cover fabric that wraps the body of his grandfather, grandfather's face looked so bright, but no piece nafaspun left behind his life.

"Dian brave yes!" Dance is already increasingly embraced Dian weak.

"Why can this be, Tar?!"

"Grandpa you're hit by a car!

"Oh .. God! Why God?! "Dian mourn his grandfather.

"Dian is brave, yes!" Dance calm.

"Dian maafin Grandpa, Grandpa! If only Dian did not let grandpa go alone .. maybe .. "

"Come on honey! Grandpa you are quiet there .. Now we just call your parents, yuk! "Dancing tried again to calm Dian.

Present interest is only a single, but it's a very happy heart that Dian has been waiting for her presence.

"Honey, come on it's past .. Grandpa was quiet hand of God, we pray out of here, yes! "Mama hugged his only daughter who was crying it was sad.

"Ma, the grandfather told the Dian before his death, to keep the rose tree!"

"Yes mama know, I'm sorry love ya mama!"

"I promise you, will not abandon the tree again!"

"Yes mama promise!"

Present interest is only a single, but it was very happy heart that Dian has been waiting for her presence.

Roses that grow increasingly older, little by little, her eyelids began to swell, beautiful crown makes it look manly interest among the other flowers in the garden front of the house Dian.

"Good evening Auntie!"

"Oh tonight Li, where a new plasticity aja kok!"

"Ordinary aunt, kept busy in college!"

"Oh yes, Dian going to see it?"

"Yes auntie, auntie Diannya there?"

"Yes've entered aja yuk! Tante Diannya call first! "

"I'm just waiting on the front porch Aunt!"

"Loh went dong, kayak with anyone?"

"It's okay auntie, that's good here, fresh!"

"Yes, already!"

Dian was lying lazily in his room, that night, not much was he doing, other than relaxing in a room with the music with graceful.

"Unfortunately, there is Ali tuh!" Mama gave the news.

"Oh, where Ma?!"

"On the porch .."

"Loh kok not told to go anyway?!"

"Yes, but who want to own dianya wait outside."

Dian rushed out of his room over to Ali is known is his girlfriend Dian. They've both been dating for five years more, since both are still sitting dibangku SMP.

Present interest is only a single, but it was very happy heart that Dian has been waiting for her presence.

"Loh kok here still love you!"

"You're doing?"

"Lai dikamar relaxed, ending the hell are not you always want to give us news maen?"

"Loh this week's night, this time you forgot here is my share?"

"Ration? Am I who give us the same rations aja? "

"Sory I'm kidding?" Ali asked Dian sat beside facing towards where the park is located.

"I brought something for you nih?"

"What? Surprise is not it? "

"Not really, but I'm sure you would be happy."

Ali gave a rose to Dian. Roses were still fresh and looks freshly picked from the tree.

Present interest is only a single, but it was very happy heart that Dian has been waiting for her presence.

"Em .. Thanks ya! I'm thrilled! This is more of a surprise. "

"Yes please, I would give anything for you aja!!" Said Ali rag.

"It is from where? This beautiful flower definitely buy it expensive? "

"Em .. not too! I picked a flower from your garden "

"What?" Dian aghast.

"Yeah, I see there are roses in the pot there. Yes, rather than later wilt be better if I excerpt just for you, dear! Besides it is also interest you, right? "

"Plaque .. Plakkk ..!!!" Two Dian slap on the face of Ali.

"What is it, dear?"

"You ... you go from here .."

Dian looked shed tears and encourage the body of Ali until Ali was staggered to the side terrace.

"Loh, what wrong am I?"

"You do not know myself tuh ya! And take some flower picking people at random. "

"Oh, sorry ... I ngak no intention to .."

"You know, the flowers and the rose tree is very precious to me. More valuable than anything including you though. "

"What do you mean talking so?"

"I just want this night we broke up. I'm not willing to again connect with you, going out with men who are not able to respect and protect what I care about. "

"Dian, I'm sorry! I dont know if you loved the rose tree, I .. "

"Ali, you've tuh go out with me long. The period you can not distinguish and know what I like, how can I believe in the future with you, if you've dared to present it hurt me .. "

Ali Dian left and went inside his house with tears, he immediately threw himself on his bed lament that rose flowers.

"Dian ...!" Ali called and still hoping. He did not want to lose a lover who was very in love.

Present interest is only a single, but it was very happy heart that Dian has been waiting for her presence.

Ever since that night, and Ali Dian relationship not only end in terms of courtship, but in everything, including communications. He did not want to talk a word with the man who hurt her rose tree, the hurt feelings at the same time. Although Ali always comes homes, and also often called him, but not an iota of change and treating feelings of Dian. And when I meet any street or outside, Dian Ali did not seem willing to greet one bit.

"Grandfather Dian sorry, Grandpa! Dian should not let it ruin his grandfather ... a rose tree that flowers will actually bring kemakan Dian grandfather and grandmother, but now the interest is there first pick .. Dian sorry, Grandpa!

When the roses bloom and decorate your garden ... Do not forget there are thorns ... Touch her with all my heart, but sometimes prickly hurt ..

Deni Andriana
Tamansari Bandung, October 31, 2004

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