Talking To The World Through Poetry - Since July 2006

When I Browse Beach

| Mar 15, 2010

When my seaside sisiri so friendly hello
Providing beautiful to me browse
Affectionate caress each wave
I found myself on the edge greatness of the power of God
So perfect to give nuance and beauty
Who never can be expressed with words

Afternoon so the light stick sting
In presenting shore wind coolness
Does not seem to hurt the entire body although
Because my soul is sailing up the
Each mystery is there in plain sight

For a moment my thoughts are not necessarily the direction
Will ask what's behind all the mysteries
The ocean was I looking at the extent of
I do not know what happened there across the street
I want to know the nature inside the belly under the sea
All I know there are life
That was so precious and selling art

Jerked my soul when I realize my existence
Was looking at the sea from the coast
I smiled happily, can be given time
To inspire the meaning of the sea
Which may not all people can enjoy

Thank God
You've put myself in the life
Full of the beauty of the real and unreal