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They are the Waiting

| Jun 12, 2008

Look over there!!
What happened?
There was thunder and then heard moans
The more quiet, pulled over and then disappear

The smoke was now fading
Tears and blood believed procession
There is a growing burden to haunt the earth

A tempest tempest of life ... ..
Love, hate and unbroken dreams
No more war, there is silence
No more dreams, there is death
Love, left in between ambition and expectation

Mayapada, this earth too long to scream
Tired, and complained to the Lord ..
Gross, everything has been tarnished by greedy black
Red, now the earth is bathed in blood
White, now the earth was bathed in tears

There's a message behind the destruction,
There was a sense over death
There's loads in the life
There are brothers who now hold

Deni Andriana