Talking To The World Through Poetry - Since July 2006


| Nov 15, 2008

Chaos comes every time
The disaster was approaching indefatigable

Body screams in vain not arouse
The owner of the throne of fun with good power
Which ultimately brought misery to the abyss

Moan innocent victim who fought for an chitterlings
To live life is destroyed not trace
Just waiting to be done
Dead or a concession the Wise

Drops of water down there is no stopping
Wetting all over the country
Puddles slums
It occurred in every eye
Which washed away all the inhabitants

Doomed ... Confused ....
Derita .... The crying ... ..

Everything is the will of the Lord King
Nature is only the media to lower the test
And we all as a participant

Do not look for cause
Do not bring the past
Fix existing
Justified to the fore

Deni Andriana