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My Beloved Indonesia

| Mar 1, 2010

From Sabang to Merauke
Of Kutai to Reform
My homeland remains fragrant and detached

From the shack to the monument Monas
From Mulwarman to Susilo
My homeland remains sacred and self-sufficient

I'm thankful I live on this earth
Living in precious Mother Earth herself
Faith Together in the struggle

I'm thankful I grew up in this era
When my people had been free
By the sacrifice of the children the true state

Indonesia ... ... my homeland
I serve you
In the spirit of your development

Indonesia ... ... spill my blood
I'm devoted to you
In the struggle the next day you

My Country Indonesia beloved ...
Get up with my spirit
To fix the disaster ago

Indonesia ... ... my beloved nation
Glorify with passion
To clean up the trash corruption
That undermine your natural resources

Deni Andriana