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The Beauty of Friendship

| Feb 27, 2010

Peace we feel,
When considering the joint
While we tied a sense of loyalty
tolerance, togetherness and loyalty
We go through each piece of time lived

There is also debate the difference sometimes accompanied
That's just the color of life
Which could not be separated from the ego and the individual character

One grief all suffer
Organs like the scratched
And the other part feels pain
That's the only sign of feeling
Etched into the container of friendship

One like all accompanying
Like the beetle hinggapi garden flowers
Which together achieve the sweetness of the honey

Although instead of time to decide
However, our togetherness
It will not be erased by time
Who sometimes had never been able to be interpreted

Friends ...
Only a memory that can be recorded
But the meaning of the terms
Hold all the souls
Avoid the dark treasonous
Which leads us decide who has long threads we knit

Deni Andriana