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How to Write a Poetry (Poem) which Good and Right

| Feb 18, 2011

Write poetry well, it can be considered, but it can also practically easy. There are people who say "I could write poetry if it is located in a quiet room." There are also saying "I can write poetry anywhere." Others say "I could write poetry when my heart is sad."

The expressions above, only a small fraction of people think about writing poetry. There are various ways that can be used to hone writing skills with good & true poetry.

Poetry can be written based on diaries. Follow the steps below if you would write a poem based on the diary:

1. Read and ponder the contents of your diary!
2. Coretlah the words are not important and add the words that you think is interesting to be included!
3. You can delete all the rows that are not important!
4. Organize and sort returned rows you have selected!
5. Refer back to the end of these lines!
6. Edit the back rows so that the rows of poetry was interesting!

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