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Poetry : Football (Soccer)

| Jan 23, 2011

Although sweat streaming down our bodies
It will not be able to stop the soul and spirit
In an arena full game rides

With the handful of shirtless gas clumps
Leg passionate play
Trying to pass your opponent facing

With two poles at the corner of the field
Things were so trashy when there is no
To make the goal of the game

Hot sun can not stop
Heavy rain could not extinguish
The spirit of the game world's number one
Passion of the games or all beings on the earth

Football was his name
It is said, comes from the State Queen Elizabets
The World Cup is the biggest stage
Italian League, Spanish League and Premier League
Is the best competition
Indonesia, too touchable

Not just the feet moving
Mind and soul had come into play
Created a sensation and sportsmanship
Achieve beauty and sense of unity

Football was the name of this game
In the United States is called Soccer
Not only belong to the nobility
Ordinary people can feel
Football is a universal

Football was the name of this game
Not only the above magnificent stadium
Above the people of any land so
Football is happiness shared