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Words, Words, and Word

| Mar 7, 2010

You may never know what I feel when I make this paper
There are far more words stored in my heartstrings
Far, far away until a time that word came to me
On a cold night, she woke me to always keep your name
In the middle of the sun, she always slaps cease not to worship
In the sultry morning, he arrived with the rest of the dew, he tore the nature conscious, he was convinced that yours is the only night I dreamed
You know? that it had broken half the time in my life ..
The word that always alive to accompany my days without you ..
Keyword usainya not affect the meaning of my life without you ..
Word .. you know?!

Perhaps this moment, when I wrote to beat the greatness of the word itself ..
I was still able to present yourself in my heart ..
I was still able to impose my soul not turn away from you ..
But, I can not assure that the next moment it would take you away from me .. forever .. and I do not want to!!

If you want, keep it in your heart and keep it in your soul niche, do not let her go even one step, and that eternity will you get with him, along with the word
If you want, take also said that now descend myself, now, once and for one second ahead ..