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What's wrong with my brothers?

| Feb 6, 2010

What's wrong with my brothers?

Finally when I look into your pain
O my brothers
I feel pain in your soul
Seeing the struggle without borders
Against time that could never be understood

Goddamn, I really curse
Destruction of a handful of pills carrier
Piece of leaf to the comfort-giving extinction
Besides impeccable introduction filings death
What's wrong my friends?
That you take to the streets did not have a definite direction
What sin, my brothers?
What are you driven to the valley full of doom

You may be able to smile
At the time my brother struggled with pain
You may be able to laugh
When my friend closed her eyes
Leaving without a taste of life

I stand here
I do not know what should I do
While my brothers fade away
Left this life amid sparkling
Which has destroyed the creatures savagery is not trimmed

Deni Andriana