Talking To The World Through Poetry - Since July 2006


| Feb 14, 2010

When I'm nervous ...
I always spend on sheet
When I was happy ...
I must point out that the above sheet
Gazette which became my media
To put the feeling
From the days lead time sheets
Who never stopped even for a moment

Diary ...
I wonder what I called her name
He is where the case in all respects
Both thick and thin
Light or dark period

With the ink on the hands of a
I obey my soul whispers
That leads the imagination
Line up and I try through words
Sheet above the silent staring into my eyes

It's mind can ketenangam I feel
When all has been resting there
Becomes stories in the future
As memories of the past is full of color
in my book

He never complained and fail me
He was silent and listen to my heart
Let me entirely mixed with her
Through the ink on my fingers

Deni Andriana