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The Meaning of Life In The World

| Jan 27, 2010

Desert heat roasted red
Cold of the polar ice fields of frozen white
Blossoming life of the natural shades of green pick
Serve peace in the lives of free
Blue expanse of sea stretching reality improved color
Nestling beneath the sky that never collapsed

There adapula afternoon evening
There adapula prey predator
There adapula living dead
That's the color of life in the world

Powerful people running fight over the throne
Small people have gone out of oppression
Arbitrariness of the predator
Hitting and hurting souls of their prey

Although kept changing the time of each heartbeat
No one can translate the meaning of life in this world
Although the revered technology
And imagination of more and more real with the natural sciences
But never can browse
Meaning of life

Deni Andriana